Sunday, January 01, 2006

Council worries could sink sub museum plan


North-West Evening Mail
December 27, 2004

FUTURE PLANS: A computer-generated
Submarine Heritage Centre.

A BARROW submarine could end up as a giant work of art instead of a visitor attraction people can explore.

Submarine Heritage Centre Ltd, run by ex-submariners, plans to bring HMS Olympus home to the town to be the centrepiece of a new sub museum.

But officials from Barrow Borough Council are worried that the £5m centre, planned for land close to the Dock Museum, could flop financially.

Talks between the heritage centre and the council last week have resulted in a deal where Barrow council will consider backing the bid for a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to bring the sub the 3,000 miles back from Canada.

In return the SHC would drop its plans for a full-blown museum for now and concentrate on just getting the sub back to the town and erected.

SHC members are preparing a feasibility study for the council. Steve Warbrick, Barrow’s director of regeneration, said: “There is in principle an agreement that the submarine could be sited on land adjacent to the allotments and the Dock Museum.

“We have asked them to do an initial study into just bringing it over with the submarine merely as a piece of art. “They are looking at what the costs are going to be of bringing it here, refurbishing it and preparing the foundations.

“If it looks feasible we would then ask a council committee to agree that it can be located there.

“Then the SHC Ltd would do a further study to look at ongoing opportunities once it is there.”



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