Saturday, January 28, 2006

Exhibit: USS Ling 297


The USS Ling 297 is a BALAO class fleet submarine, 312 feet long, weighing approximately 2500 tons. Permanently berthed at Hackensack, New Jersey, she is open to the public for tours.

The North Jersey Naval Museum have a new tour using Flash, If you have Flash Player version 5, click here to view the Ling Interactive tour.

To tour the Ling without Flash, click here.

This tour of the USS Ling will take you through all of the major compartments on board the submarine, as well as areas that are off limits on normal tours. This view of the submarine shows the bullnose, limber holes for free-flooding of the superstructure and the bow buoyancy tank and the bow planes in their retracted position. The anchor is located on the opposite (port) side of the hull, which is a characteristic of submarines built to the Portsmouth Naval Yard plans.



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