Saturday, March 04, 2006

Naval Undersea Museum celebrates Discover E-Day


The Northwest Navigator
By Angela Grube Josn
Friday, March 3, 2006

Photo by Angela Grube
Hannah McVay, 6, and Ben Eckert, 8, enjoy the
buoyancy exhibit during Saturday's festivities.

Kids from all over NBK visited the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport for the annual Discover E-Day Sat.

The event is the single largest event of the year at the museum. Director of Education at Naval Base Keyport Museum, Joyce Jensen, said they expected from 600-900 visitors to circulate the museum throughout the day.

“It’s great because it brings the families from throughout the community to the museum,” said Jensen. “Here they can learn about the different scientific technologies and also about our Naval history. We are an official Navy museum and our primary goal is to preserve naval undersea history.”

The excitement surrounding the event was evident. Children were ready and waiting at the entrance ten minutes before opening. The doors were opened promptly at 10 a.m. allowing the Discover E-Day event to commence.

Once inside, the E-Day exhibits were spread through out the museum. Exhibit Director Ron Roehmholdt greeted the kids with his display just past the front doors. He said he was happy to be involved and the children are a big part.

“I enjoy the fact that all the children and their parents are here, because my favorite part of E-Day is interacting with them and teaching them how science is in our every day lives,” said Roehmholdt. “I show them how science may be as simple as a door opening inward because there’s a bar across it and out when there is a handle.”

Several Naval Reserve members stationed at Keyport also volunteered to help run the exhibits.

Capt. Vince Rothwall was there for his third year. He said once a child overcomes their fear of science, they discover many of its more fun aspects. “Sometimes engineer projects can seem overwhelming and scary to younger children, but when they look at it from an easier approach it peaks their curiosity and is fun.”

Navy Cmdr. (ret) Dan Papineau said he came to enjoy the fun with his family is proud of how the U.S. Navy is reaching out to the people.

“I think it’s great how the museum provides this experience every year,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun for the kids and always great when the Navy can get them involved.”



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