Saturday, April 15, 2006

World War II veterans will hold a submarine dedication in Cape

April 15, 2006

United States World War II veterans will hold a storyboard dedication April 15th at 2 pm at the River Campus Gazebo. The storyboard highlights the 28 Gato-class submarines that were built in Manitowoc, Wisconsin between 1942-1945.
Associate Member of the Illinois-Missouri Rebel Squadron Gary Bridges says the subs passed through different locks and canals as they traveled down the Mississippi River. He says they were towed in barges to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, and then through the Panama Canal. Once in the Pacific the subs were then taken to Pear Harbor.
Bridges says crowds would gather and hold patriotic programs as the subs traveled down the Mississippi River. 15-50 submarine veterans are expected to attend and perform a bell tolling in memory of the 52 submarines lost during World War II. The gazebo is located on Aquamsi Street at the base of the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. The ceremony is open to the public.



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