Friday, June 09, 2006

Naval Undersea Museum awarded ‘Exhibit of the Year’


Northwest Navigator
By Hodges Pone III
June 9, 2006

Photo by PHAN Samuel Renteria
The Service and Sacrifice: The Trident Family exhibit

won the 2006 Award of Exhibit Excellence from the
Washington Museum Association Awards of Excellence
Committee. It is currently display at the Naval Undersea
Museum, Keyport.

A Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport exhibit was recently announced as the winner of the 2006 Award of Exhibit Excellence from the Washington Museum Association (WMA) Awards of Excellence Committee. “Service and Sacrifice: The Trident Family,” was chosen over many other exhibits displayed throughout the state of Washington.

“The association gives this very prestigious award to one museum within the state of Washington and we are happy to receive it,” said Museum Director, Bill Galvani. “It is nice to win an award, but what really means a lot is the work weíve done to recognize trident-class submarine Sailors and their families has been effective.”

The Service and Sacrifice exhibit was a display which showed the experiences of the Sailors aboard submarines and their families while they are deployed. Various crews submitted items for display, including submarine warfare (SS) qualification sheets and a set of Navy-issue coveralls. Family members contributed pictures and a paper chain; which marked the days their loved ones were underway to the exhibit as well.

“The committee felt it was a worthy exhibit because of its content,” said WMA Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair, Lisa Hill-Festa. “It brought a humanistic element to the U.S. Navy as opposed to being just a technical display of a submarine. It was very informative and the public gets a better understanding of their (Sailors) lives as well as their families.”

This is the first time the museum has won the award. They submitted a package of the exhibit to the awards committee in Seattle, who selected the museum as the winner of this year’s competition.

“There are a lot of personal items in this exhibit that a museum wouldn’t normally have in their collection,” said Galvani. “It shows how important the support structure of the families and the servicemembers is. They are really one organization that is mutually supportive and most of the public has no idea about this.”

Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport will receive the award for the “Service and Sacrifice: The Trident Family” exhibit in a presentation held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24.



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