Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The sinking of a C3 submarine in the Strait remembered in Málaga Film Festival


March 13, 2007

An interesting film in the documentary section of the continuing Film Festival in Málaga.

‘Operación Úrsula’, from MLK Producciones, is directed by José Antonio Hergueta, and co-produced by Canal Sur Television.

It tells the story of a republican C3 submarine which was sunk in the Strait of Gibraltar while carrying out a secret mission in 1936. It was hit by torpedoes from a U-34 Nazi vessel, and 37 of the 40 crew on board lost their lives.

The 100 minute long documentary is voiced by well-known Spanish actor, José Coronado, and covers one of the least known events of the Spanish Civil War.

It interviews the families of some of those to lose their lives. Their remains remain on the sea bed.

The film competes against 17 other documentaries in the current Málaga Film Festival.



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