Wednesday, September 19, 2007

U-boat dive postponed


Derry Journal
September 19, 2007

An exploratory 70 metre dive to the site of an unique U-boat off the coast of Donegal was postponed this week due to bad weather.

The dive has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, October 2, providing the skilled divers get the right weather on the day.

The U-boat, which sank while it was being towed to Derry from Scotland, is considered to be unique as it is fully intact.

The aim is to make the U-boat a permanent fixture at a new maritime
museum in the city and is potentially a huge tourist attraction for anyone interested in the Battle of the Atlantic.

The divers were due to film the U-boat and forward the footage to experts who will consider whether it will be viable to raise it.

Geoff Millar from Dive North West, who is leading the dive team to film U-boat 778 off the coast of Malin Head, said the weather this week made the dive too dangerous.

Speaking to the Journal yesterday he said: "We couldn't have gone out in the water as the waves were crashing over the top of the pier. This morning it is calm enough but the wind is due to pick up later on and we just couldn't take the chance."

"We have had to sit down and work out the tides, as we need slack water to do the dive. We can only go on the tides and because of that October 2 is the next possible date."

"We had everything ready to go on Monday - all the dive and film equipment and the divers were assembled. It just means that the next time round we don't have to prepare."

"The only thing that could hold us back is the weather, otherwise we will be going for it."



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