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Here is a sampler of past and present movies about or involving submarines.

'Above Us The Waves' (1956)

Drama filmed documentary-style about a British crew of sailors determined to sink a Nazi ship. Cast includes John Mills, John Gregson, Donald Sinden, James Robertson Justice.

'Around The World Under The Sea' (1966)

Lloyd Bridges and other TV personalities lead an underwater tour about subs looking for earthquake warnings.

'The Atomic Submarine' (1959)

In the near-future, a submarine crew goes patrolling near the Arctic Circle and discovers an underwater UFO.

'The Bedford Incident' (1965)

A Cold War saga about scouting Russian subs off the coast of Greenland, with Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier and Donald Sutherland.

'Crash Dive' (1943)

An Oscar winner for special effects, pitting Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter and Dana Andrews in a submarine love triangle.

'Crimson Tide' (1995)

Supposedly about a Bangor-based boat, with Gene Hackman possibly losing his mind and his command when Denzel Washington challenges his orders to launch nukes. By the producing-directing team behind ""Top Gun."" Look for a small and inglorious part for Ricky Schroder, and the appearance of James Gandolfini (now of hit HBO show, ""The Sopranos"").

'Das Boot' (1981)

Considered by some the best and most accurate submarine movie, directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It's based on an autobiographical novel about a U-boat mission during WWII. In two versions: 145 minutes or 211 minutes.

'Destination Tokyo' (1943)

Cary Grant commands a submarine sent into Japanese waters during WWII.

'Down Periscope' (1996)

A naval officer tries to prove his worth and get promoted to a first-class sub by taking on a mediocre boat and crew. Bad News Bears on a boat, without the humor. The crew includes Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Holly, Bruce Dern,Rob Schneider, Rip Torn, William H. Macy and Harry Dean Stanton.

'The Enemy Below' (1957)

An Oscar winner for special effects. Robert Mitchum stars in this submarine chase with the Germans.

'Gray Lady Down' (1978)

Charlton Heston captains a sub in need of a dramatic rescue. Also stars David Carradine, Stacy Keach and Ned Beatty.

'Hell Below' (1933)

While on leave in Italy, Robert Montgomery falls in love with the married daughter of his submarine commander. Conflict develops between the officers at sea. With Walter Huston and Jimmy Durante.

'Hellcats Of The Navy' (1957)

Notable as the only film featuring Ronald Reagan and the then-Nancy Davis together, before they became the First Family.

'Hostile Waters' (1997)

A TV movie starring Rutger Hauer, Martin Sheen and Max von Sydow in a ""fact-based"" account of a collision that occurred between a Russian sub and a U.S. sub during Cold War peace talks.

'The Hunley' (1999)

Armand Assante and Donald Sutherland star in a TNT original movie based on the true story of the first submersible vessel, the Confederate ship H.L. Hunley, during the Civil War.

'The Hunt For Red October' (1990)

The best-seller by Tom Clancy also was a box-office success and an Oscar winner for sound-effects editing. Sean Connery is a Soviet sub captain who may or may not be defecting during the maiden voyage of a new supersecret sub. Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, Sam Neill, James Earl Jones and now-U.S. Senator Fred Thompson also star in this thriller.

'Ice Station Zebra' (1968)

Based on the Alistair MacLean novel and filmed in Cinerama, it's a Cold War incident just waiting to happen for a sub on its way to the North Pole. The crew includes Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan and Jim Brown.

'The Land That Time Forgot' (1975)

A British film based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1918 novel about Germans and Americans in a WWI sub who discover a mysterious world in South America, with dinosaurs and all sorts of weird stuff.

'Monster from the Ocean Floor' (1954)

The first film produced by Roger Corman has a mini-sub in hot pursuit of said monster.

'Mystery Submarine'

Two films with this title. The 1950 version stars Macdonald Carey as a military officer who helps destroy a Nazi sub in SouthAmerica. The 1963 British film (also called ""Decoy"") has the British fleet capture a Nazi sub that's manned by Brits.

'On the Beach' (1959)

A U.S. submarine is on patrol when the Northern Hemisphere is destroyed by nuclear war. They land in Australia and live with the rest of the city which has less than 12 months to live. They travel back to the West Coast of the United States and witness the holocaust. Cast includes Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins.

'Operation Pacific' (1951)

John Wayne stars as an overzealous Navy commander.

'Operation Petticoat' (1959)

Blake Edwards directed this comedy about a bad sub that Cary Grant hopes to make seaworthy, but con-artist Tony Curtis stands in his way. The cast also includes Gavin McLeod (who would later captain ""The Love Boat"") and Marion Ross (the future Mrs. Cunningham on ""HappyDays"").

'Run Silent, Run Deep' (1958)

A battle of wills aboard a WWII sub, with Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden and Don Rickles.

'The Sea Wolves' (1980)

Based on the improbable but true WWII story about a group of retired British soldiers dispatched to India to capture and destroy Nazi ships that are transmitting vital information to their U-boats. Stars Gregory Peck and Roger Moore.

'Submarine Command' (1951)

A post-war account of Navy life, with William Holden, Nancy Olson and William Bendix.

'Submarine D-1' (1937)

Loving and fighting reigns among the crew of a new sub.

'Submarine Patrol' (1938)

A tough captain is charged with inspiring a beat-up crew and sub for a WWI mission. Directed by John Ford.

'Submarine X-1' (1968)

James Caan loses his sub in a battle with the Germans, but gets a second chance at the helm of a mini-sub.

'Torpedo Alley' (1953)

A WWII Navy pilot is rescued by a submarine crew and looks for redemption.

'Torpedo Run' (1958)

Glenn Ford is a sub commander seeking revenge after blowing up a Japanese prison ship that was holding his family captive. Also stars Ernest Borgnine.

'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' (1954)

James Mason is Capt. Nemo in Disney's epic version of the Jules Verne novel, with Paul Lukas and Kirk Douglas as the visitors to Nemo's futuristic sub. Won Oscars for art direction and special effects.


Matthew McConaughey, Harvey Keitel and Jon Bon Jovi star in this new drama ""inspired,"" as they say, by an actual World War II episode. A U.S. crew sneaks on board a Nazi U-boat to steal the enemy's encryption machine, only to find their own boat torpedoed during the mission.

'Up Periscope' (1959)

James Garner gets transferred aboard a sub engaged with the enemy off the shore of a Japanese island. With Alan Hale Jr. (best known as The Skipper from ""Gilligan's Island"").

'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' (1961)

Irwin Allen directs a cast that includes Barbara Eden, Peter Lorre and Frankie Avalon about the goofy adventures of a sub trying to protect the Earth from radiation, or something like that.

'We Dive at Dawn' (1943)

A WWII sub goes on assignment to sink a German battleship.

'Yellow Submarine' (1968)

A psychedelic, animated Beatles flick about a land taken over by the Blue Meanies. Ringo sings!



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