Sunday, March 09, 2008

U-don’t know how hard it is to take away a German sub


Liverpool Echo
By Kevin Core
March 08, 2008

SIXTY-THREE years after it was sunk, a German U-boat is making its reappearance.

Now divided into three sections, the U354 will be slowly moved to Woodside by the enormous floating crane Mammoth on Monday.

It will take up residence in a new £2.5m Merseytravel tourist attraction.

Engineers spent a month using a state-of-the-art diamond wire cutter to cut up the 240 ton U-boat.

The vessel was never involved in active combat but carried out meteorological operations, and was raised in 1993, eventually coming to Birkenhead where it was part of the historic warship collection.

It was sunk en-route to Norway by depth charges dropped by a Liberator aircraft from RAF 547 Squadron.



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