Sunday, January 01, 2006

Submarine lift too expensive for museum campaigners


December, 2004

the Canadian submarine being brought
into the Clyde after a fire 300 miles off
the coast of Scotland and (inset) HMS
Olympus, the submarine a Barrow museum
wants to bring home, which is now in a
Canadian naval dockyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CAMPAIGNERS for a submarine museum in Barrow cannot afford to thumb a lift from Canada for their favourite boat.

The lift, on a special semi-submersible ship, would cost at least £1m and the Submarine Heritage Centre Ltd has very little money in the bank.Apart from a few thousand pounds, all it has is a promise of £2.6m in regeneration grants if matching money can be found.

SHC Ltd officials asked an agent to get in touch with Norwegian shipping specialist Eide which runs heavy lift ships. The company has just been hired by the Canadian Navy to carry the fire-damaged submarine HMCS Chicoutimi from Faslane in Scotland to Halifax Nova Scotia in January.

Ever one to spot a bargain, the former submariners in the SHC thought it would be great opportunity if the Norwegian ship taking the Chicoutimi home could return to Norway via Barrow carrying the Furness-built diesel electric submarine HMS Olympus.

The 300ft long boat will become the chief exhibit in the proposed Barrow museum if they can get it back after the SHC Ltd agreed to pay the Canadian Navy £32,000 for the 1964 vessel.



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