Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Toti" Submarine: 70,000 people crowd to see it


August 13, 2005

The forward section of the "Enrico Toti",
covered by the flag of the Italian Navy.

Milan, Italy - The Toti submarine rudder is pointed towards the museum: overnight it will cover the 7 last km to reach its permanent seat.

Everything is ready for the last leap, while 70,000 people (40,000 today and 30,000 yesterday) gathered to see it parked in Via Toffetti, in the city outskirts.

The convoy will start moving again tonight at 9. The local authorities ask that everyone follows the indications of the metropolitan police and personnel 'deployed' along the route.

The Toti submarine will trave from via Toffetti to via Olona, where the museum is, and will make a sort of u-turn on Via Bonfadini, to point, headbound, towards the museum.

Then along via Varsavia, via Cadibona, via Molise (against normal traffic direction), via Monte Ortigara (another big manoeuvre at 11:30pm), via Anfossi, via Vicenza (at the crossroads with via Monte where the first mobile bridge has been installed).

The single five-blades propeller of the sub.

A detail of the exceptional vehicle mobilized to move the
"Enrico Toti" overland. You need a lot of wheels to move
a sub by land!

Computerized plans of Milan’s streets were made
to study the best way to move the boat across the city.

More photos here.



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