Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Council to hear U-Boat update

May 9, 2007

AN UPDATE on ambitious plans to recover a sunken U-Boat off the coast of Inishowen will be given to Derry City Council this week.

Council members will hear about the progress of the first phase of the proposed project to raise the German U-Boat discovered off the coast of Malin Head, County Donegal.

A motion to Council (by Councillor Shaun Gallagher) recommended that Council officers investigate the possibility of raising the U-Boat, accessing national and international funding, and cross border funding and the formation of a roundtable discussion with interested local parties.

According to local divers in the North West, the U-Boat is in very good condition and some think that, if raised, the vessel could become a permanent fixture in the city as a tourist attraction and major heritage monument.

Council have written to Dublin’s Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (National Monuments Section), which, it is thought, is responsible for the U-boat due to its current location. Any proposals are dependant on the Department’s response.

Before any more progress is made, the Department must determine whether the U-Boat is classed as an archaeological object under the National Monuments (Amendment) Act (1994), which covers the protection of wrecks and underwater archaeology.



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