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The Haunted Submarine


Ghost Ships
January 31, 2008

The Haunted Submarine was a German U-Boat called “UB65” built in 1916. Only a week after its launch, mysterious events began to happen. There was an unusually high number of fatal accidents on the sub.

The Second Officer was loading torpedos when one dropped and exploded, killing him instantly and damaging the UB65.

A malfunction in the engine room caused three men to be overcome by fumes. They died before anyone could reach them.

During a storm, a crewman mysteriously fell overboard. Onlookers said it looked like he had been pushed.

During submarine diving tests, one of the ballast tanks sprang a leak. It left the crew without any oxygen in the u-boat. The frantic crew were able to resurface just before they were all about to suffocate.

A crewman was on lookout duty in a tower as the submarine was preparing to dive. Suddenly, he spotted a figure on deck, even though all the hatches were sealed and every member of the crew was supposed to be below. The figure turned and the lookout recognised him as the Second Officer who had been killed by the torpedo blast. The ghostly figure seemed to shout a warning. The lookout’s terrified yells alerted the UB65’s captain who also witnessed the ghost before it disappeared.

Later, another crew member encountered the dead Second Officer in the corridor below deck on the submarine. Again, the ghost seemed to be trying to communicate with the crewman before it vanished.

The U-boat started getting a reputation for being haunted, and many men refused to work on board the sub. After another ghostly incident, the torpedo gunner went insane, shouting that the ghost tormented him at night and would not leave him alone. In a fit of madness, he jumped overboard and his body was never recovered. Eventually, the German naval command was forced to investigate the reported haunting and asked a priest to perform an exorcism.

That seemed to do the trick and no other ghostly apparitions were reported until the morning of July 10th. A crewman claimed he saw a shadowy figure entering the torpedo room. The crewman ran into the torpedo room and came face to face with the ghost of the Second Officer who had been killed by an explosion in that very room. The ghost was pointing at the torpedo loading bay. Then it disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

Later that same day, July 10th, an American submarine spotted the UB65 and prepared to attack. The American commander ordered several sailors to check through the periscope to make sure that he had the right number when suddenly, the UB65 exploded without being fired upon. The americans were amazed. When the smoke cleared, all that could be seen was debris. There were no survivors.

An investigation determined that the German U-Boat had tried to fire its torpedos but there was a malfunction. The torpedos were activated but not launched and they exploded inside the submarine, killing all the German crew on board. Was this what the ghost was trying to warn his fellow crew members about?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there were no survivors, how do we know that the ghost of the Second officer appeared to the crew on its last day ?

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