Sunday, January 01, 2006

Submariners' congress to open in Argentina


By Anna Novak
May 16, 2005

ST. PETERSBURG, As many as 30 Russian veteran submariners will participate in the international Congress of Submariners which will be held in the Argentine city of Mar-del-Plata from May 16 to 19, the St. Petersburg Club of Submariners reported.

The Russian delegation is headed by chairman of the unified council of veteran submariners Lev Chernavin and chairman of the St. Petersburg Club of Submariners Igor Kurdin.

As the Club officials said, the Russian submariners have been participating in the work of the Congress since 1998.A total of more than 200 submariners from 13 countries -Argentina, Russia, the USA, Australia, Chile, Israel, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey - will take part in the 42nd Congress.

The Congress participants will hold memorial ceremonies in honour of all the submariners who perished during the Second World War and in the cold war years.

In the course of the Congress it is planned to discuss the problems of giving international assistance to submarines in distress, and to consider the questions of assistance to the families of the submariners who perished.

"It is expected that a decision to hold the next, 43rd Congress of Submariners in Russia in June 2006 within the celebration of the centenary of the Russian Federation's submarine fleet will be taken at the meeting of the heads of the delegations. The Congress-2006 will, most likely, begin in Moscow and end in St. Petersburg - the marine capital of Russia," the Petersburg Club's officials said.



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