Sunday, January 01, 2006

WWII submarine to resurface in June


Big News
May 04, 2005

The U-505.

A six-member crew spent about 1,000 hours repairing and conserving a captured German U-505 sub for its move to a new $35 million exhibit in Chicago.

The U-505, the only Type IX-C U-boat remaining in the world, resurfaces in a new climate-controlled, underground vault at the Museum of Science and Industry June 5.

The 252-foot, 700-ton sub was moved more than 1,000 feet and lowered into its 42-foot-deep permanent home in April 2003 after spending nearly 50 years outside the museum exposed to bitter Midwest winters.

The exhibit, two years in the making, features interactive exhibits, nearly 200 artifacts, archival newspapers and photos, radio transmissions, re-enactments and videos of U.S. sailors who captured the vessel in 1943.

The new U-505 Submarine exhibit is a testimony to the strength, courage and leadership of the brave men and women who fought in World War II, said museum President David Mosena, Bill Kurtis narrates videos of the submarine's history, capture and World War II's Battle of the Atlantic.



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